Clay which you knead to make a finished work
Is like the baker who kneads his dough to make bread.
Doesn’t wheat come from the earth? And clay also from the earth?
It’s for you to see, my friend, the powerful symbol which speaks to the potter, the modeler, the sculptor
their hands in clay meet other hands,
Those of the clay
And this meeting decides the oeuvre
Mystical moment which descends to the heart of life
Like the beginning of the world,
And with this creative spirit it will always be thus so.
Privileged moment if one can find the silence inside ones self,
By the silence inside, the hands on the clay
the song of the whole earth can make itself heard
and if the earth speaks, so also will the sky.
If you hear the earth, if you hear the sky, then, my friend artist,
There you are on the road of the life of all creation.