Periods of my life and my work

Provençal Period - 1960's

Period of solitude where I sculpted nudes in olive and poplar. Period of experimentation and research concerning the meaning of life. During this time, I created the sculpture ‘The Thinker’ in olive wood two metres high. Poetry helped me enormously to deepen my interior vision in relation to external reality.

Cevennol Period - 1970's

A time where my wife and I built our own house.  For six years, I lived with nature in a profound way and I consider this a ‘pastorale’ period. The works I created during this time are impressed by the writings of St Francis of Assisi who was a great influence on my art at this time and continues to be to this day.

Bourbonnais Period - 1980's- present

Building a second house in Bourbonnais (Central France) with two children growing up in a flash. It was here that the invisible manifested itself more strongly in my life as an artist and as a man. I also developed my continuing passion for ecology.

English Period - 1998-2006

During this time, I spent half of my time in England and half of my time in France. At this time I sculpted a large statue (Noah)  3 metres high in ash wood in Queen’s Park London (NW). A very rich period in relation to wood engraving where my interest found itself in research into the manifestation of spirit and matter. From this, the study of the human being became central for me.