Michel Mazzoni - Exhibitions since 2003


2010 May-September: 2nd Exposition of Bench Poems, Souvigny, Allier

10July -15 August Biennale à Marcigny, Allier

10 July-15 August Vallon-en –Sully, Cher


2009 May-September: Expedition of Bench Poems, Souvigny, Allier

Exhibition each year at Herrison, Franchesse and locally

Summer: Ecofestival – Bourbon l’Archambault


2008 Summer: Congrès d’Art, Médecine, Éducation, Bourbon l’Archambault

October: Exhibitions of engravings at Ruskin Mill Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England


2007 Summer: Ecofestival; Bourbon l’Archambault


2006 Auditorium St Marc, Souvigny 03


2005 Spring/summer: Belgrave Gallery London NW6

November: 1st Biennale d’Allauch d’Art Contemporain, Provence. Galerie d'art, 24 Place d’Allier, Moulins sur Allier


2004: Spring: La Galerie Passage d’Allier, Moulins sur Allier

Summer : open air exhibition Queen’s Park London NW6


2003 Summer : Gallery Artist-Eye, Notting Hill Gate, London